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Il giorno 29/mar/07, alle ore 10:47, Stefano Maffulli ha scritto:

> On Thu, 2007-03-29 at 09:47 +0200, Guido Serra wrote:
>> can i get access to their compilation cluster?
> and even if you got those, what would you do with that?

i'll do not waste hours compiling my code :(

and i can try some algorithms that took 11hours of computation on my  
double amd 2000MP+

in 300euro/day i have also to count the cost of hardware...

> Guido: it's tough to be a freelancer, in all fields and in all
> countries.  Italy is not worse than Germany or Poland or Czech or  
> India.
> Fortunately I know you well to offer you a beer and have a nice chat
> about your business: not that I'm an expert, but at least I can  
> give you
> some pointers in a more effective way than a mailing list :)

yeah, i know

ok, for the beer... but we (i'm not saying you or just i) should find  
a solution to my problem

that, i think, is not just my problem... last year we were a lot of  
student and freelancer that went on the streets asking to do not pass  
IPREDs ....

freesoftware is wonderful, if you are a student and want to learn, if  
you are an academic, of ... if you are a corporate that can say: "do  
you really want our toolchain? talk to our lawyers..."

i do not want to pay lawyers, i cannot pay lawyers

if someone asks my toolchain i should give it, i do not want to stay  
in jail


why should i invest into creating a toolchain improving freesoftware?

i do not see a solution... don't know, really... maybe... i can keep  
for 2 years then i'll give it away for free, that could be ok...

i need a way i can pay my months of development of a toolchain,
...the only way is "Google, summer of code" ????

p.s. Stefano, let's have a beer, i'm getting angry on this...  
"Officina della birra"?

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