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> I'm sorry, but I don't understand this (not the questions, those I
> understand), but who today even thinks that others should provide the
> answers to:
> How do I get paid for working with X?
> Let me give you some important knowledge: the first step of a business
> is defining what value will you be providing to your customers and
> define the price appropriately. If you can't provide enough value to
> charge what you want, try another business/market/tools.
> Please understand that NOBODY will assure an income stream.  
> Translating,
> nobody will put money in your direction for free. Some pyramid schemes
> promise that, but they don't deliver.
> Several of us are fine with working with free software and get paid  
> for
> development, services and other things. Please do your homework if you
> want to work in the same field. There's a lot of information  
> around, but
> it's up to you to define your business. It's not up to us to change  
> free
> software to adapt to what you're thinking.

probably i should emigrate somewhere else...

try to ask 75euros/hour (no VAT) here in italy... no-one will give  
it  to you

you can reach 300/500 euro/day ... no-more

and bodyrental market (continuous income) cannot go over 250euros/day

italian taxation is about 48,5% for me, i'm a freelancer ... that  
means 125 A DAY!!!
(when you are lucky...)

i can earn more, making prepackaged installations, that what i want  
to do... to give them away for free, and to earn on customizations...  
but what if a competitor of mine asks me for my toolchain??? i'm not  
going to give it away for free...

someone can please ask to redhat his toolchain?
or to ubuntu? or suse?

can i get access to their compilation cluster?

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