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Il giorno 29/mar/07, alle ore 06:59, Oleg Verych ha scritto:

>> From: Guido Serra
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>> so?

so you can be constructive or not, you are not constructive

want to talk? start not calling me "troll", i better should not  
respond to you email
and start making closedsource software to reach the end of the month

ok, i was right... are an academic
you are the "troll", you can sing on the tree and say "oh,  
freesoftware is wonderful"

> Your questions are pointless. You didn't invent this, you didn't
> contribute, you are just another one "how can it be that wrong way?",

where is your contribution? show me the code! (citating someone else)

here is my code:


and here is my life


i lost many years in Milan/ITALY, fighting against sw patents, doing  
linuxdays, and creating a community... at my expense, for what? for  
reading "contributions" like yours?

i have an ideal, but i do not eat an ideal

> i.e. every free thing must fit your needs, yet it doesn't.
>> freesoftware makes sense only if i make the hardware and i give the
>> software for free?
> Free Software is As Is.

what a fantastic way of doing a constructive discussion, i'm the  
BOFH, you are not

>> how can i maintain myself? how can i make a company on freesoftware
>> without violating GPL
> And why you are not asking Sun or Laws of the Nature to maintain
> yourself? They are free (no cost), and many information available for
> free about them. Yet there's no enough power from the Sun for  
> people like
> you, there can be no Perpetuum Mobile. Will you barking about that,
> and whom you will do?

so why did you ask to people paying taxes to pay your montly income?  
is like Sun...

>> i do not want to force you to change GPL, but think that there are
>> people out here that are not university students or professors that
>> get payed anyway at the end of the month...
> If you think, that to be university staff is bad, go to Iraq, there is
> oil for free, while managers of it are those, who are killing  
> innocents.

i'm working with Emergency in my spare time, taking time when i  
should work or study

> And you are *paying* those morons to fuel your car. Care to ask  
> them why?

where are you? behind a shelf? so please, SHUT THE FUCK UP

> I will not going to clarify what classic academia is. If today's
>     ,-> ms-windows-ms-word-paper-#-of-articles -.
>     `-------- i_wana_a_grant() ? OK : NO; ------'
> "staff" isn't what you want them to be, ask your politician fellow,
> you've voted last time to deal with that. And ask s/he to do it  
> quickly
> without much bureaucracy and tax money!

i also trying to be elected in milan, with the same people that  
tryied to fight against IPRED last year... do not make me the  
lesson... you are not in the position

>> if i develop a livecd, should i give away my toolchain? packages
>> source code is not enough?
> I will not care, because i can do my and share.

because your state maintains you, idiot

> Questions are quality of your work, usability, usefulness. If you have
> nothing really good from that points of view, go to army, as i
> suggested earlier, don't waste your live.

yeah, right, i'll code closedsoftware because of stupid people like you

>> gpl3 is going to enforce this problem?
> What i owe you, i've forget, sorry?


> Real problems with that licence *update* have those, who actually  
> do the
> job, e.g. The Linux Kernel Community (i hope you all know what they
> did and what they actually _do_).

i'm the linux kernel community, i'm learning, well, i'll try to learn  
windows CE by now

thanks, to open my eyes

> Cheers.
> p.s. i'm sorry, if i tried to feed the troll.

you are

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