GPLv3 discussion draft 3 is out

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Wed Mar 28 22:13:32 UTC 2007

Il giorno 28/mar/07, alle ore 23:42, Ciaran O'Riordan ha scritto:

> For anyone who didn't notice, GPLv3 dd3 is out:

hi Ciaran,
i have read it quickly... i got a problem...

today i was discussing with an other professionist i'm working with,
we do not want make big money, but just find a way to live working
on freesoftware based solutions

we are not redhat, we are not ubuntu, we are not in the united states  
where you can ask big money for embedded linux solutions or custom  
enterprise installations

we where thinking of... ok... let's develop that... no, a competitor  
can copy it,
it has more commercial power than you and you lost months of work...

ok, let's do services... no, you cannot ask so much money for each  
day of work
... so making services is not "scalable"


freesoftware makes sense only if i make the hardware and i give the  
software for free?

how can i maintain myself? how can i make a company on freesoftware  
without violating GPL

i do not want to force you to change GPL, but think that there are  
people out here that are not university students or professors that  
get payed anyway at the end of the month...

if i develop a livecd, should i give away my toolchain? packages  
source code is not enough?

gpl3 is going to enforce this problem?

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