Doubts about the Italian Free Software Conference 2007

Nicola Larosa nico at
Wed Mar 21 08:00:07 UTC 2007

Stefano Maffulli wrote:
> Nik,
> I guess you have received the answer of the organizer of the conference 
> in Italian already.

Yes, I did. They told me I should have not raised this matters publicly,
among other things.

> To summarize for the rest of the list, the conference being organized is
> a 3 days event: 2 days are used by a scientific conference,

I did not get answers to this, so I need to ask it again: *why* does a free
software conference need to limit itself to a scientific and academic
approach? Is there any publicly available record of the discussion that
produced such a decision?

> the rest of the time will be dedicated to the Italian wider community
> and a Fellowship meeting.  You are welcome to participate to any part of
> the conference you prefer, nobody wants to exclude you from sharing your
> experience as free software developer

I did not intend to imply anything of the sort; I'm only trying to
understand the situation.

> and I'm sure that in the 3 days there will be time for this to happen.

Yes, at least I could take part in the Fellowship meeting, even if I'm a
rather fresh one. ;-)

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