Raffle update

arc arc at fsfe.org
Thu Mar 15 16:14:49 UTC 2007

Georg C. F. Greve ha scritto:

> we have decided to take the following items out of the raffle
>    * 1 Qtopia Greenphone by Trolltech
>    * 3 Developer Discount codes for Nokia N800 Internet Tablets, by Nokia
>    * 2 Free Software based routers KWGR614, by NETGEAR
> and will pass them to developers for full liberation at a later stage.


 > They will be replaced by 15 copies of "Free Software, Free
> Society" and the remaining items in the raffle will be raffled as
> planned.

I agree with that but what about adding some signed copies of Free 
Software Free Society and/or maybe some tshirt like this one?


It's just a suggestion.


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