3rd Fellowship Raffle to attract more Fellows

Kaloian Doganov kaloian at doganov.org
Thu Mar 15 10:46:59 UTC 2007

Bernhard Reiter <reiter at fsfeurope.org> writes:

    The process is a high chance that there is more freedom in the
    end.  Compromises like this - take proprietary stuff to liberate
    it - have been made by GNU hackers and FSF before, e.g. running on
    proprietary operating system when the other have been unpractical.

This is not the first time when FSFE representative used FSF and GNU
Project as an excuse for distributing proprietary software.  This is
non sense, since neither FSF nor GNU had ever distributed proprietary

Please, choose a better example when justifying your actions.  You're
not like FSF, you're like Linspire or the Debian Project, etc.

    It is just a proposal for doing something useful with the devices.
    Sending them back will also not be good, as the necessary public
    reasoning will be quite a lot of work and negative one as well.

Of course sending them back to the vendor is not nice, and it looks
like according to FSFE's values, distributing proprietary software is
much more acceptable.  You value your "public image" more than
software freedom.

Making a mistake is one thing.  Trying to justify it in this way, so
persitently, is something quite different -- it shows that you have
betrayed our values.

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