3rd Fellowship Raffle to attract more Fellows

arc arc at fsfe.org
Wed Mar 14 21:07:55 UTC 2007

Alfred M. Szmidt ha scritto:

> While this makes things it a bit better, it still does not make it
> right.  What would happen if nobody does replace the non-free software
> on these devices? Does the person(s) send it back to the FSFE?  Do
> they keep it? Do they get a refund?  This opens up alot more problem
> than it solves, and probobly alot more work on FSFE's side that could
> be spent doing something more useful.

A solution: what if we ship those devices only AFTER some developers has
replaced the proprietary parts?

Another solution: can we replace those prizes with something else?
Is it possible to do that at this time?

Come on, let's discuss peacefully about that!

We're in discussion@ after all :)

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