3rd Fellowship Raffle to attract more Fellows

Stefano Spinucci virgo977virgo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 19:11:20 UTC 2007

On 3/14/07, Alfred M. Szmidt <ams at gnu.org> wrote:
> Please drop the raffle!  You are still going to distribute non-free
> software to people.  Try to set a good example for others to follow.
> Would it be OK for Ubuntu to distribute non-free drivers with their
> system with a message that makes it clear that they are hoping that
> someone will someday write a free replacement? Of course not!  So why
> is the FSFE doing this?
> Non-free software is simply not acceptable, that the FSFE is giving
> the message that it is is sad, and really makes me wonder what the
> goal of the FSFE is, freedom or promoting non-free software to people.

As a FSFE Fellow, I renew firmly my support to the FSFE.

However, I think the FSFE should admit a lack of (social, more than
technical and ethical) analysis of this raffle; then, although with
some little merit about "hardware liberation", to prevent useless
fractures between FSF and FSFE, non free hardware should be removed
from the raffle and returned to the "donor" with a big "NO THANKS";
furthermore we shouldn't accept anything from a Company who support sw
patents (http://eupat.ffii.org/acteurs/nokia/index.en.html).


FSF members, FSFE fellows, GNU developers and anyone caring and
working for freedom must be heard, and have the right, earned with
work (always better than money) to be taken in account.

Stefano Spinucci
FSFE Fellow

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