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 || Werner Koch <wk at> wrote: 

 wk> I expect that the paid people at last briefly follow discussion at .
 wk> They should have noticed that the Nokia stuff has been discussed
 wk> back in January.

This is unrelated to what I said, though: Prior to this public
discussion noone contacted us directly to raise their problem with the

Although the communication admittedly wasn't good enough, and it maybe
also should not have been mixed with the raffle, we always pointed out
that the N800 would only be given to people for the sole purpose of
freeing them.

 >> to this public debate, and the most verbal people in this debate
 >> are not Fellows, and have not participated in FSFE's work of the
 >> past years in any other way, either.

 wk> I did quite some work over the last 6 years.

Very true. And we all are very grateful for that.

I did not consider you among the most verbal people in this discussion
because you (thankfully) wrote much fewer and shorter mails.

But yes, I did take notice that you also saw problems with this,
although I personally would have preferred if you had raised those
issues earlier and in the right channels.


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