3rd Fellowship Raffle to attract more Fellows

Kaloian Doganov kaloian at doganov.org
Wed Mar 14 08:31:58 UTC 2007

Alex Hudson <home at alexhudson.com> writes:

    The whole thing is about rewarding Fellows, and I think the points
    raised about rewarding them with non-free software is
    pertinent. Given that Fellows rewarded with N800s will be _paying_
    for them, it puzzles me why it can't be made clearer.

And also, why one have to donate 120 EUR to FSFE in order to have "the
opportunity to help the N800 become a full Free Software device"?
What's the point here?  FSFE is collecting money from people who what
to contribute their labour?

Obviously, this is just a distribution of shiny gadgets formally
camouflaged as free software development activity.

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