3rd Fellowship Raffle to attract more Fellows

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at gnu.org
Tue Mar 13 18:55:41 UTC 2007

   Do you know a device with a free GSM stack? We'd be glad to help
   promote that device. To my knowledge there is no such stack or
   device at the moment, including the OpenMoko.

What if there is no device with a free GSM stack?  Will the FSF Europe
promote such a device despite it being wrong?

   But the area of GNU/Linux distributions is much more mature in
   terms of freedom than that of mobile phones and PDAs. The whole
   area of PDAs, mobile phones and similar is one that is still very
   much dominated by proprietary software. There is not a single
   device that could be recommended without warning.

Then the only right thing to do is to not recommend any device, just
like one couldn't recommend any GNU/Linux specific system until
UTUTO-e came about (and closely following other 100% free GNU/Linux
poped up).

   The way the Free Software community addressed similar issues in the
   past is to get and (within legal limits) study what you want to
   replace, and replace the non-free components one by one. That is
   how the GNU Project got started, it was a major motivation to
   establish Debian, and other examples exist in other areas.

When the GNU project was started, there was no free software; one had
no choice other than non-free sofyware.  Today we have all the tools
needed to reject all non-free software.  

Debian is also a bad example, since they distribute non-free software
despite there being free replacements (Java for example); there are
other problems as well with Debian, the whole non-free section being
one such a problem.

   We need to build a stronger presence of the Free Software community
   in this area.

And this is by distributing devices that contain `almost entirely Free


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