3rd Fellowship Raffle to attract more Fellows

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Mon Mar 12 16:04:00 UTC 2007

On Mon, 12 Mar 2007 15:56, ciaran at fsfe.org said:

> * 3 Developer Discount codes for Nokia N800 Internet Tablets from Nokia
>     NOTICE: special conditions apply to the N800 prizes, see:
>     http://fsfe.org/en/fellows/raffle/2007/special_conditions_for_nokia_n800

That URL does not work ... oh well here we go; only 3 minutes.

Anyway, the FSFE asks its fellows to buy or use a device which only
seems to be based on Free Software but in reality hides important
details?  I do not just mean the Opera browser but stuff like battery
control, access to the radio and the boot monitor?  From my experience
with the N770 there is even no way to flash it without using a
proprietary tool.  Thus it might even be non-GPL compliant.  See also
the recent discussion on this list and Neals article
http://walfield.org/blog/2007/01/29/maemo.html .

Digital Freedom with the N800 or Nokia - I doubt it.



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