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Sun Jun 10 22:27:05 UTC 2007

Patrick Ohnewein wrote:

> I would like to suggest some little modifications to the entries about Free 
> Software in South Tyrol and there are some to add, too.
Also, this link might be helpful:

It's an italian-language TV news story (english subtitles) describing
all these projects and how they evolved


> Your version:
> Italy, South Tyrol public transport: "free software since 1993"
> Italy, South Tyrol: "use of" and "and also GNU/Linux"
> Italy, all Italian-speaking schools: "they all use project FUSS"
> I suggest this version (I add only the URLs to new links):
> Italy, South Tyrol public transport: "free software since 1993"
> Italy, South Tyrol: "use of Free Software and Open Data Formats (installed 
> in 2005)" and "also use of GNU/Linux on database servers and 
> on all servers of the municipalities"
> Italy, all Italian-speaking schools in South Tyrol: "migration through the 
> FUSS project"
> Italy, South Tyrol e-Learning platform: "Copernicus uses 
> Italy, South Tyrol develop and use a Free Software 
> framework: "FROG":
> Here a short explaination of my updates:
> First line: OK.
> Second line: Changed text. Should now be more descriptive about what was done.
> Third line: Added the precisation, that the schools are the italian schools in 
> South Tyrol, otherwise the reader would think, it are all italian schools in 
> Italy. FUSS is the project, which migrated the schools. There is a 
> distribution created by the FUSS project team, but that's not it's main 
> object. Today they are discussing to install Ubuntu. FUSS has to be seen as 
> the migration project.
> Fourth line: Added line about the province e-Learning platform. They use the 
> Free Software platform ILIAS.
> Fifth line: The public administration started a framework for internal 
> applications. The framework is under the LGPL.
> Thank you and happy hacking!
> Patrick
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