Free software in public administration

Patrick Ohnewein patrick.ohnewein at
Sun Jun 10 18:09:18 UTC 2007

Hi Ciaran,

it was a pleasure to help.

I would like to suggest some little modifications to the entries about Free 
Software in South Tyrol and there are some to add, too.

Your version:

Italy, South Tyrol public transport: "free software since 1993"
Italy, South Tyrol: "use of" and "and also GNU/Linux"
Italy, all Italian-speaking schools: "they all use project FUSS"

I suggest this version (I add only the URLs to new links):

Italy, South Tyrol public transport: "free software since 1993"
Italy, South Tyrol: "use of Free Software and Open Data Formats (installed in 2005)" and "also use of GNU/Linux on database servers and 
on all servers of the municipalities"
Italy, all Italian-speaking schools in South Tyrol: "migration through the 
FUSS project"
Italy, South Tyrol e-Learning platform: "Copernicus uses 
Italy, South Tyrol develop and use a Free Software 
framework: "FROG":

Here a short explaination of my updates:

First line: OK.
Second line: Changed text. Should now be more descriptive about what was done.
Third line: Added the precisation, that the schools are the italian schools in 
South Tyrol, otherwise the reader would think, it are all italian schools in 
Italy. FUSS is the project, which migrated the schools. There is a 
distribution created by the FUSS project team, but that's not it's main 
object. Today they are discussing to install Ubuntu. FUSS has to be seen as 
the migration project.
Fourth line: Added line about the province e-Learning platform. They use the 
Free Software platform ILIAS.
Fifth line: The public administration started a framework for internal 
applications. The framework is under the LGPL.

Thank you and happy hacking!

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