Submit your Free Software projects for the Trophees du Libre

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Submit your Free Software projects for the Trophees du Libre

   Monday 30 July 2007

   [1] Cetril, the "Centre Europeen de Transfert et de Recherche en
   Informatique Libre" is once again organising the [2] Trophees du
   Libre, an award for Free Software projects in various categories,
   focussed on unknown and innovative projects. The web page is now [3]
   open for registration and you can download the [4] PDF leaflet
   here. Deadline for registrations is 1 October 2007.

   Having participated as part of the jury last year, I can say that this
   event has left me with a very positive impression: A clear focus on
   Free Software, professional organisation where the finalists' present
   themselves in the afternoon to the responsible parts of the jury, and
   a very nice award ceremony.

   Prizes for the 2007 awards include financial support for the projects
   from EUR 500 to EUR 3000, laptops, books, and other goodies. The idea
   of the award is to give new, young and hitherto unknown projects a
   chance of support, recognition and visibility. So don't hesitate and
   submit your project today.


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