free software? (Re: Web services and free software)

Yavor Doganov yavor at
Wed Jul 18 22:59:41 UTC 2007

Oleg Verych wrote:
> Nevertheless somebody seems doesn't see the difference
> unfortunately...

Oh, if somebody == me (you should have stated that in plain text if
that's the case; obfuscating is unnecessary -- it makes me wonder
whether it's irony, fear from truth, honest assertion or just
"diplomatic" expression); I certainly see the difference.  That's one
of the reasons why organizations like FSFE exist (Disclaimer: I am
most certainly not entitled to speak on behalf of FSFE).

> Now i see why i should leave.

If your interests do not coincide with computer users' freedom,
perhaps you should leave lists like these as discussion may seem
"boring" to you.  But I never suggested anything like this and I don't
think that my response was rude.

> | I don't call Linux "Free Software". I haven't called it that for
> | close to ten years! Because I think the term "Open Source" is a
> | lot better.

How he calls "Linux" doesn't really matter.  Linus Torvalds has
declared multiple times that he's "apolitical".  One doesn't have to
align with his personal views to use the programs he has authored --
he doesn't do that when he uses GNU software either.  So he wouldn't
really mind if one calls Linux "Republican Software", "Orthodox
Software" or "Voodoo Software" -- he is "apolitical", right?  A vast
amount of the community calls it "free software" because that's what
it is (partly, as it contains non-free software as well).

> Talking is most easiest part of all that thing...

I disagree a lot: there are many people who write useful stuff that is
free software and these people have very diffrent opinions about the
goals of the free software movement -- some of them oppose them
fiercly.  But nevertheless they write their free software, for their
own reasons.  However, only a few people talk about free software and
how important is to preserve our freedom -- in my view, these people
are doing a hard and a crucially important job.

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