FYI: Call for letters to ISO re: OpenXML

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 >> Call for letters to ISO re: OpenXML

 jd> As far as I've heard the national standard bodies are the ones
 jd> who are deciding on this matter in ISO. IIRC you only need one
 jd> national standard body to prevent the adoption using the
 jd> fast-track procedure. I haven't looked up the rules myself
 jd> however, but AFAIK writing to your national standards body might
 jd> be more important than writing to ISO directly.

True, that is what I am linking to in the end:

  "So please check this page for more information, advice on how to
   get in touch, and contact details of the various parties that need
   to be informed about the objections.

   Spread the word!"

But you are right, I should probably have made this clearer.


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