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Fri Jan 19 16:19:37 UTC 2007


On Thu, Jan 18, 2007 at 03:23:41PM +0100, Stefano Spinucci wrote:
> Today on LXer I found an article about an academic interdisciplinary
> study on the economic / innovative impacts of FLOSS.
> The article is:
> The final draft of the study, done by an international consortium, led by 
> the
> United Nations University / University of Maastricht's (NL,EU) department
> of innovation, is:
> Please note that, at least in some places, Linux is called correctly
> Gnu/Linux.

Again i will try to bring up discussion about "WTF that GNU is?".
I may sound offensive, but not offencive e-mail was rejected:
due to unspecified policy. I'm subscribed now, so i think this message
will reach its destination.

First of all i'm glad to see people surfing Internet and pointing us to
(very unknown) wikipedia resource.

Also i'm glad to see library rats _discussing_ all, but issues in
GNU vs Linux problem.

So let me point you to some information to analyze. Maybe somebody
knows, but i'm sure (after wikipedia links) somebody doesn't.
(bother to read all threads)

1. 10+ years of the discussion:

2. FSF problems with GCC:

3. FSF problems with glibc maintainer -- mister Drepper (look at wikipedia).

4. Read carefully, who (David MacKenzie) is deserving acknowledgment for
GNU tools here:

5. My message above about Debian and GFDL.

After all i see with Linus Torvalds: linux, sparse, git, i bet people,
especially like those, who just discussing things, must build momument to
him. Developers also, as base for them is brought by Linus. There are
already set of tools like klibc, POSIX utils, dash, busybox, (ft)jam,
that all can very soon replace all GNUish crap. Yes crap, until somebody
from FSF with face problems not by ass. So what, if Linus will start
linux_U_space (userspace for linux) project just to do that for fun?

Maybe i'm too young to understand something more, than i do, anyway
after 6+ years of being with *-linux-gnu-*, i think FSF+RMS is wrong.
And don't mix GNU GPLv2 document with all that, please.

Good bye.
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