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Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at
Tue Jan 16 14:40:04 UTC 2007

I find Wikipedia very useful, so for people who don't yet use or contribute
to Wikipedia, here are some pages on free software that might be useful or
that maybe you can improve:

First is the "free software front door" of English Wikipedia:

Articles with self-explanatory titles:

About the GNU OS:

About the GNU+Linux OS:

About GNU+Linux distros:

About "open source", "FLOSS", "Software libre", etc:

About free software licences, the different standards, etc:

And some detailed articles on people and organisations:

And there's too many more to mention, but here're a few more anyway:

And most free software projects have an article about them too.

Free software portals for other languages also exist, such as:

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