FreeAlternatives: project proposal

Andreas K. Foerster list at
Thu Jan 4 16:12:13 UTC 2007

Am Donnerstag, dem 04. Jan 2007 schrieb Torsten Werner:

> >In short: catalogues of non-free software are considered harmful.
> At least it is often harmful to me not having such a catalog. We have
> over 10000 users and they ask me often for proprietary software
> products and sometimes I do not have enough information to suggest an
> open source alternative. I am aware of 2 sites that can help:
> Wikipedia and which is not community driven. is
> helpful too but it does not refer to proprietary software or file
> formats.

How about Tuxfutter? (German site)

It's a software catalogue for migrating from Windows to [GNU/]Linux.
Unfortunately they are not so concerned about the freeness of the

There is also an English section

...but most of the content is in the German section, sorry.


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