FreeAlternatives: project proposal

Torsten Werner mail.twerner at
Thu Jan 4 11:42:12 UTC 2007

On 1/4/07, MJ Ray <mjr at> wrote:
> In short: catalogues of non-free software are considered harmful.

At least it is often harmful to me not having such a catalog. We have
over 10000 users and they ask me often for proprietary software
products and sometimes I do not have enough information to suggest an
open source alternative. I am aware of 2 sites that can help:
Wikipedia and which is not community driven. is
helpful too but it does not refer to proprietary software or file

What about enhancing the Wikipedia content? Isn't that good enough? We
should discuss how to enhance it because there are different pages
that needs to be considered: product pages, file format pages and more
general pages like 'Flowchart' and such...



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