FreeAlternatives: project proposal

MJ Ray mjr at
Thu Jan 4 12:14:13 UTC 2007

"Stefano Spinucci" <virgo977virgo at> wrote:
> I think we shouldn't present *every* single alternative to proprietary programs,
> but only a polished and well organized list of good free software programs.
> Couldn't be this part of the advocacy project ???

Actually, why not work on persuading FSF to release
the FSF/UNESCO Free Software Directory
data under a free software licence (not FDL)?

I would help work on adding features like MIME-types, file extensions,
approval voting better indexes and search interface to quagga (the
software running the directory, which seems to be perl/python/
mysql/xml so I can hack it) but I'm deterred a bit because the
database is a valuable part and that's not free software.  Any
features I added to quagga could be used to support the
not-free-software database, so it's not pragmatic for me to hack quagga.

Is there enough interest to start a GPL'd alternative database?

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