How to buy GNU Manuals?

Jonas Oberg oberg at
Sun Feb 25 17:25:36 UTC 2007

Andy wrote:

> As the FSFEurope is a "sister" organisation to the FSF I thought they
> might sell the item I was after, they don't.

You're right, and it's not the first time it's been suggested that we
do. We might still do it, but finding a reliable printer and getting the
volume necessary for it to be useful is quite a large undertaking (with
Print-on-Demand, this might not be an issue any more, we're currently
investigating, but we don't currently put a huge amount of effort into
it. If you want to help, we'd appreciate the assistance).

> And worse the things they
> do sell they sell via email. Did email magically become more secure
> while I was sleeping?

You're not sending money by email. We usually accept money transfers or
payments with Paypal. How you pay is something you work out with our
office when you mail them, and it depends on where you are and what
would be most convenient and useful.

> Also do the Gnu get more or less money from directly selling manuals
> than if I bought it from another vendor (such as Amazon)?

Yes, almost certainly. In my experience, when you buy a book from
another vendor, the author (or the FSF in this case), usually gets about
1/2 of the profit that they get if you would buy it directly from the

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