How to buy GNU Manuals?

MJ Ray mjr at
Sun Feb 25 13:22:54 UTC 2007

Andy <stude.list at> wrote: [...]
> Shipping. To get it shipped outside of the U.S. you have to authorize
> the FSF to add any amount they chose for shipping, without telling you
> what is. Surely I can't be the only one who thinks this is highly
> suspicious? In fact I am suspecting that it may even be illegal under
> the jurisdiction I reside in. [...]

Not suspicious, but I share your concerns about it.  (If the manuals
were free software, I might care more.)

Nick Hill <nick at> used to have GNU manuals for sale in
the UK.  Other than that, publish
some and maybe can tell you where to buy more.

> As the FSFEurope is a "sister" organisation to the FSF I thought they
> might sell the item I was after, they don't. And worse the things they
> do sell they sell via email. Did email magically become more secure
> while I was sleeping?

Maybe.  Did you sleep through GnuPG's creation? ;-)

> No wonder businesses don't take free software seriously when it is
> promoted by organisations who can't even setup a proper online store.

Bah, they take proprietary software seriously and that is also
promoted by organisations who can't even setup a proper online store.
I know - I get called in to replace them with more secure ones!

> Once again the Gnu decide the non-Americans are not worthy of using
> free software.

No, it's just that the FSF doesn't serve Europe well in this case.

> Also do the Gnu get more or less money from directly selling manuals
> than if I bought it from another vendor (such as Amazon)?

I don't know, but Amazon is a particularly bad place to buy:

Although FSF has ended its boycott in 2002, Amazon continued
software-patenting in Europe into 2003... and beyond?

Hope that helps,
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