How to buy GNU Manuals?

Andy stude.list at
Sun Feb 25 11:15:56 UTC 2007

Hi all

I was considering switching to use GNU Emacs for editing, I have heard
good things about it.

There appears to be a printed manual available from the GNU's web page.

Only $20, roughly £10 (I'm British).

Not bad for a tenner, apart from one HUGE problem.

Shipping. To get it shipped outside of the U.S. you have to authorize
the FSF to add any amount they chose for shipping, without telling you
what is. Surely I can't be the only one who thinks this is highly
suspicious? In fact I am suspecting that it may even be illegal under
the jurisdiction I reside in.

In fact reading from government legislation:
> Information required prior to the conclusion of the contract
>    7.  - (1) Subject to paragraph (4), in good time prior to the conclusion of
> the contract the supplier shall -
> (a) provide to the consumer the following information -
> (iii) the price of the goods or services including all taxes;
> (iv) delivery costs where appropriate;
From: The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000

Usefully there is no mention of jurisdiction that I can see. Either
way I find it extremely risky to give consent for an unknown fee. In
fact it is the kind of thing I would have expected to see from con
artists, however the security certificate confirms it is the FSF.

As the FSFEurope is a "sister" organisation to the FSF I thought they
might sell the item I was after, they don't. And worse the things they
do sell they sell via email. Did email magically become more secure
while I was sleeping?

No wonder businesses don't take free software seriously when it is
promoted by organisations who can't even setup a proper online store.

Once again the Gnu decide the non-Americans are not worthy of using
free software.

Also do the Gnu get more or less money from directly selling manuals
than if I bought it from another vendor (such as Amazon)?


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