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Tue Feb 6 14:47:56 UTC 2007

Dear all,

as you might know, the FSFE is involved in a project called SELF
(Science, Education and Learning in Freedom), a projected funded by the
European Commission for a period of two years, from summer 2006 to
summer 2008.

The SELF project will develop a platform for the collaborative sharing
and creation of free educational materials on Free Software and Open
Standards. It will also try to fill this platform with some initial
materials on Free Software and Open Standards.

The first half year of the SELF project has been spent primarily on
analysis of the available free materials on Free Software and Open
Standards, as well as a preliminary analysis of the areas where there
are none or little free educational materials.

With the developers at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education in
Mumbai now starting the work on the technical implementation of the
platform, the project will gradually shift into a more active mode of

For this reason, I have just created a mailing list where we can
coordinate the FSFE work in this project. If this project sounds
interesting, please have a look at the SELF project web site;

And subscribe to the FSFE mailing list:

You can also subscribe to the SELF general mailing list if you wish:

What we're soon going to start working on is the atomisation of the
existing materials (basically turning the materials into SCORM format
for later import into the SELF platform). Each partner is responsible
for about nine materials, and the FSFE has been given the following
materials to convert:

 - AGNULA Tutorials
 - GNU Emacs Manual
 - GNU Emacs FAQ
 - GNU Octave Manual
 - The Gimp Documentation
 - GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary
 - Bash Guide for Beginners
 - Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
 - Network Administration

Needless so say, all of these are rather technical in detail, and we
have already identified a gap in the available materials covering the
general issues of Free Software and Open Standards. But we're sure there
are other gaps that needs to be filled as well, which is why we should
also work to organise a workshop to talk about what kinds of educational
materials are needed for Free Software and Open Standards, though I'm
not sure exactly when this should be done right now.

But please, if this sounds interesting to you, please join the mailing
list, and contribute to the work!

Jonas Öberg
Free Software Foundation Europe			( Join the Fellowship )
Tel. +46-31-780 21 61  Mob. +46-733 423 962     (   )

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