GNU FDL changes

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Sat Dec 8 09:47:48 UTC 2007

   > "Shackles" is possibly the wrong word, but certainly Wikipedia had
   > problems with the GFDL from the beginning, viz.:

   Never mind!  Around the time of that message, Wikipedia relicensed
   everything without the consent of some contributors anyway, so they
   could just do that again, except now they're so well-known that the
   backlash would probably kill them.  See:-

I thought that anyone contributing to Wikipedia agreed to transfer
copyright to the Wikipedia foundation (or atleast give the Wikipedia
Foundation exclusive rights), is this not the case?

   > I'm personally not against the GFDL, but I think its use at
   > Wikipedia was misguided at best. It doesn't do that great outside
   > the narrow "manual" focus.

   It doesn't do that great for manuals either.  The ability to limit
   reuse of a manual by another project (through inclusion of an
   Invariant Section on a Primary topic of that project) is just too

The GFDL does not limit reuse of a manual, you can use it as much as
you'd like.

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