A proposal to facilitate users getting what they want from free software.

Xavier Antoviaque xavier at flouzo.net
Mon Dec 3 18:15:00 UTC 2007

> > I'd like to call to your attention an article I've just posted on
> > the FSFE's website.
> > 
> > https://www.fsfe.org/en/fellows/modulus/user_driven_software_development
> That's an interesting approach. RMS mentions the possibility of
> founding an organisation for a certain feature or project in a few
> speeches. What you are suggesting is rather like a marketplace for
> such "organisations" which makes a lot of sense to me.

Btw, we are working on something very similar for a few months now:
Flouzo (http://flouzo.net/). It's not exactly the same, as the scope is
broader than Free Software, but it certainly is within our goals, and
it came from the Free Software world, in a large part *for* the Free
Software world, with a reasoning very similar to what David described in
his article. 

For example, our first campaign is currently financing a
GPL violation lawsuit in France (see http://freebox.flouzo.net/), and
one of the campaigns currently being prepared will attempt to finance
the development of a FS alternative to Google Reader. We also made the
Ryzom.org campaign back in last December. Be nice while reviewing
Flouzo though - we are still in early development / alpha stage, most
of the features aren't here yet or are still clumsy. But it works! ;p

So, if you decide to push the FUDS project further, we'd definitely
be interested in helping/participating/financing/whatever. :-)


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