Licence for Desktop Service Software ??

Antonello Lobianco blackhole at
Mon Dec 3 14:47:54 UTC 2007

Dear All,
 I develop a desktop program for simulation of effects of government policies 
over agricultural systems (

I am concerned with the fact that the GPLv3 do not protect RegMAS from abuses 
of usage, modification, production of new models/results without 
corresponding release of source code that lead to such results.
My main concern is that academic experiments should be transparent and 
repetable, something that currently do not happen in my field of studyies.

So I developed RegMAS. Conceptually I am very close to the "Software as a 
service" where the software is used to produce services or products rather 
than to be sold/distribuited. Hovewer I am in the filed of desktop usage 
and "traditional" way of deliver the product/service, rather than in 
the "network" domain.

May I still use the Affero licence? Is out there a licence (compatible with 
the GPLv2, as I am using Qt and glpk) that is similar to the Affero one but 
without the "network" limitation ??

The alternative is the Creative Common Attribution-Share Alike 3.0, even if I 
would not require attribution. The important for me is that Free software 
remain Free.

Would the CC licence be compatible with the GPL v 2 ???

Kind regards,
   Antonello Lobianco

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