- MS buys Swedish ISO vote?

Matthew Blissett matthew at
Wed Aug 29 21:56:32 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 29 August 2007 03:26, MJ Ray wrote:
> Not sure whether has this already, as I can't connect.
> This site accuses Microsoft of sock-puppetry in the Swedish standards
> body in two posts:

The Swedish FFII have an article about it: (Swedish) (English, partial 

| In meeting at SIS yesterday on the standardisation of Microsoft's OOXML file
| format (i.e. in principle the file format used in Office 2007) 23 new
| companies suddenly appeared that had not previously participated in the
| working group, a majority of these companies are Microsoft partners (see
| enclosed).
| From a clear NO-majority among the members, the result in the course of just
| one day became a YES. The final result was 25 in favour, 6 against; 4
| members left the meeting." 

There's a lot more information on the blog linked from those pages.

Matt Blissett
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