does a free license make software free?

chrysn chrysn at
Wed Aug 29 10:52:42 UTC 2007

all right -- i changed the article not to erroneously mention free software.

as of natively speeking german, i'll rather stick to enhancing the
german free software portal [1] (which, by the way, looks better than
the english one to me, first of all by listing the four freedoms as the
core of free software prominently on the top of the page)

> A small point: All free software licences are non-viral.  Software will
> never turn into GPL'd software just by touching software that is under the
> GPL.  The GPL is a copyleft or "reciprocal" licence.
i kind of expected such a rebuke, but as of starting to grow a
microbiology background, i like the term and think it is quite
descriptive (and not every viral infection is transmitted by touching,
but when incorporating infected flesh into your body, you are likely to
be infected as well).
don't worry, i chose my words in a more politically correct in
communication with "uninitiated" ;-)

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