Financial decisions in FSFE (was: Re: FSFE ignoring OOXML?)

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Fri Apr 27 15:51:24 UTC 2007

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Hi Joachim,

Joachim Jakobs wrote:
> Hi Davide,
> On Thursday 26 April 2007 12:45, Davide Dozza wrote:
>> I can't call "Two blogs entries and a letter" a lobby activity.
> Why should FSFE give you 2500 EUR? Apart from the fact that it seems to be 
> impossible to finance it - What has been your contribution to this community 
> in the past? Have you circumstantiated in the past that your are worth an 
> investment of 2500 EUR? I can assure you: There is a number of people like 
> Sean who did for many years. But Sean is far too polite to ask even 
> allusively (not to speak about to claim!) for such a donation - in particular 
> not in public! 

As I said, I expected at least a support in order to collect such money.
Georg, and not I, said that FSFE is supporting Open Standards
activities, why don't ask to this community a support?

I agree, get money in cash was quite optimistic but it wasn't the point.

>>> What I'm trying to say (to paraphrase John F. Kennedy 1961) is: "And so,
>>> my fellow Fellows, ask not what FSFE can do for you -- ask what you can
>>> do for FSFE."
>> Interesting point.
>> What would you like to say? 
> As far as I understood Sean he wanted to tell in a very polite way that a 
> community of people can exist only if the members of this community try to 
> give more than they do take.
> I am really sorry that you do not get the message. So I would like to ask you: 
> What is your contribution to the Free Software community to legitimatise such 
> a claim?

Maybe, someone else do not get the message.

Six years maintaining italian community is enough for
you? Twelve years using and advocating Gnu/Linux gives me *your*
Or the opportunity to *really* make lobbying activity on OpenXML is not
Or maybe don't you accept guarantees from FSFE Chapter Italy with which
we did several coordinated activities?
Or when you refer to the Free Software community, are you thinking only
at FSFE?

If the last point was true, there would be no ways. It would look like
an exclusive club with "elected" people who are more legitimated than

If you want to stay close in your castle, please do it.
But please do not say "a community of people can exist only if the
members of this community try to give more than they do take". It
offends people's intelligence.

I did suggest a concrete way to FSFE to lobby in favor of Open Standards
and Free Software. I would have given my contribution as I usually do.
FSFE didn't get it. It's a problem of FSFE.


P.S: With or without FSFE I keep supporting Open Standards and, more
important, Free Software.
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