Financial decisions in FSFE (was: Re: FSFE ignoring OOXML?)

Sean DALY sean.daly at
Wed Apr 25 23:11:14 UTC 2007

I, too, am a Fellow of the FSFE and I can think of great ways to "better" spend 2K EUR: like the 2K EUR I invested in my camcorder which recorded the Barcelona conference, or the 2K EUR I invested in the audio equipment with which I recorded RMS in Brussels three weeks ago. Or the time I contribute, which for some reason I don't track as billable hours...

Although 2K EUR may not seem like a lot in some contexts (ten years ago I managed an IT purchasing budget of 1.1MM USD), for a resource-challenged organisation like the FSFE it *is* a lot. Were FSFE to make a grant for the Italian standards body accreditation, why not do the same for every other European country? That way, the already small budget could disappear immediately.

What I'm trying to say (to paraphrase John F. Kennedy 1961) is: "And so, my fellow Fellows, ask not what FSFE can do for you -- ask what you can do for FSFE."


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