FSFE ignoring OOXML?

Davide Dozza davide at flossconsulting.it
Wed Apr 25 13:13:02 UTC 2007

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> Subject: FSFE ignoring OOXML?
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> There's just been a call for help on a debian mailing list.
> In amongst it, it includes the phrase "I did not get a response
> from the Free Software Foundation Europe."  What's happened?
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>> If you are interested in preventing that scenario please take action
>> *now*. Contact your national ISO bodies and tell them your interests.
>> In Germany you can become a member of DIN's working group. I can
>> explain the details if someone is interested. Maybe that is possible
>> in other countries, too.

Hi all,

my name is Davide Dozza and I'm president of a new and small association
which has the scope of supporting OpenOffice.org, Open Formats and more
in general Free Software. I am also an FSFE Fellow.

Some days ago I asked Stefano Maffulli if it was possible to get some
financial support from FSFE in order to subscribe and partecipate to
OpenXML discussion inside the UNINFO, the italian national
standardization body.

There was the concrete opportunity to influence the Italy's vote about
Fasttrack. Unfortunately the Georg Greve answer was negative.

I was quite disappointed about. At least I expected an answer like,
"yes, not for the whole, but we can contribute with few money. How much
do you need?". But I didn't expect a "No, we don't have such sum
available. We need to raise more funds, in particular in Italy. We are
looking for volunteers.".

The cost for the subscription fee was not so much. Just 2.000 Euros. A
lot for a 20-people association, but not a lot for an organization which
receives 240.000 euros of Incomes and spends 31.000 Euros for travels.

As I think the OpenXML fasttrack is *very very* important for the future
of free software I really wonder to know how Felloship fees are spent.
More in general, *who* decides how felloships fee are spent? As I just
received an answer from Greve, how are the decisions taken about?

Best regards

Davide Dozza

P.S: fortunately, thanks to a great friend, we managed to collect the
necessary funds to pay UNINFO fee. Now we can vote for or against
OpenXML fasttrack.

>> A good starting point for more information is
>> http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20070123071154671 .
>> Cheers,
>> Torsten
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