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Sun Apr 15 22:39:43 UTC 2007

Dnia niedziela, 15 kwietnia 2007 21:40, Werner Koch napisał:
> hkp://

Thank's for suggesting this one. I've founded on it keys that I couldn't find 
previously using few keyservers.

So my problem with unpublished public keys probably disappeared, at least I 
hope so, as I imported all keys I lack until now.

I'm not aware of keyservers but that good one as suggested. In my opinion 
keyrings are good for small groups of knowing each other people. For wide 
groups as a fsfeurope is only some automated services like keyserver allow to 
easily get what you need, and when you need. You don't need to think to go to 
a site, download new actualised keyring and then import it - for example as 
it is now at

So let's all of start using suggested  keyservers and everyone who will be in 
need of new public key will get it.

Mine are there :)
Paweł Madej

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