Not Any Browser (was: Kernel developers' position on GPLv3)

Frank Heckenbach frank at
Fri Sep 29 05:34:35 UTC 2006

Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:

>    >    (d) And even this one, in some forms, is not really free as
>    >        MJR has reminded us. (According to RMS in
>    >,
>    >        "To use Firefox as free software, you have to build it
>    >        yourself from the source code."
>    > 
>    > What he means is that the binaries as distributed by Mozilla are
>    > not-free (they include a non-free bug reporting tool).  Ututo-e
>    > for example contains a Firefox, you don't need to compile that
>    > your self.
>    Even assuming that build is really free (which would contradict
>    RMS's statement, when read strictly, but I can't comment on it
>    myself ATM);
> I don't see why it would.

He said you *have* to build it from source, without mentioning the
possibility of getting a version built from source via other routes.
This might imply that such distribution is illegal (as would be the
case, e.g., with a GPL program requiring a non-GPL-compatible
library; you can build it and use it yourself, but you can't
distribute the binary at all). As I said, this is reading the
statement strictly, but considering that RMS is not entirely
unfamiliar with such fine distinctions, one could come to this

> One of the many reasons why GNUzilla and IceWeasel exists,
>  That page also briefly explains the
> other problems with Firefox (even if you compile it from source, it
> can install non-free plugins).

It's good they exist, but it's not really a reason for the web site
requiring Firefox. In fact, if this requirement was because of
freedom (and not accidental due to the site's implementation, as I
suppose), they would probably require IceWeasel right away (or some
other free browser).

Ward Vandewege wrote:

> For the record, I've tested:
>   Firefox
>   Konqueror
>   Safari (on OS X)
> All of these browsers work.

Nobody doubts that these browsers work (-; you know, in a discussion
with Alfred M. Szmidt you have to be very careful about your choice
of words), but the comments page doesn't. I just tried with
Konqueror (as installed in Knoppix 4.0.2) -- it shows the colours,
but when I press "c" after marking some text, nothing happens. MJR
has reported that it doesn't even work with Firefox when changing
the name string.


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