Not Any Browser (was: Kernel developers' position on GPLv3)

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Fri Sep 29 01:37:36 UTC 2006

   >    > Also, could you use EBCDIC? It takes alot of processing
   >    > power to convert your very long message from ASCII to
   >    > EBDCDIC.
   >    I don't use evil proprietary formats like EBCDIC.
   > EBCDIC is not a propietary format.

   Though OT: A Google search finds quite a lot of pages that claim
   so.  Are they all wrong, or has it changed recently?

Do a search on `EBCDIC table' or something similar.

   >    (d) And even this one, in some forms, is not really free as
   >        MJR has reminded us. (According to RMS in
   >        "To use Firefox as free software, you have to build it
   >        yourself from the source code."
   > What he means is that the binaries as distributed by Mozilla are
   > not-free (they include a non-free bug reporting tool).  Ututo-e
   > for example contains a Firefox, you don't need to compile that
   > your self.

   Even assuming that build is really free (which would contradict
   RMS's statement, when read strictly, but I can't comment on it
   myself ATM);

I don't see why it would.  If you compile Firefox, then you can
distribute it, so then someone else won't need to compile it.

   since not everyone uses Utoto-e, it wouldn't change that, as I
   wrote, the requirement might have made some people use a not
   (entirely) free browser to view this site, instead of a fully free
   one they might have otherwise used.

One of the many reasons why GNUzilla and IceWeasel exists,  That page also briefly explains the
other problems with Firefox (even if you compile it from source, it
can install non-free plugins).


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