The fellowship meeting in Italy

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Stefano Maffulli wrote:
> So, we still have to talk to CIOs but mainly we need to address the
> whole society because what we have at stake is not in the basement
> anymore: we won there, Free Software is already in everybody's basement
> powering business.  We need to convince our dads and moms that digital
> citizens risk of being governed by technology companies instead of
> elected parliaments.  The battleground is now what they call the
> 'consumer' and what really is a citizen: we need to prepare, otherwise
> citizens will get used to HDMI and other DRM, surrendering freedom
> without fighting.
> Exactly, this is a good point.  Culture is important, so we have one
> important point here: advocacy of free software should start from
> culture of the digital world.  How would you start the lesson about Free
> Sw to a class of high school students?  Lets find practical suggestions
> and examples so that the values of our community spread within younger
> generations.

I think Stef is talking about something really important here.

Digital infrastructure alters the way the human race deals with information.

Free Software ensures that digital infrastructure is freely usable,
modifiable, improvable and distributable.  The copyleft license does
something smart from the perspective of everyone who will encounter the
software created with it.

This matters to everyone.  It does affect every phone, computer, car and
television on the planet.  What we have to do is ensure that the message
is not confused; we need to think about our audiences and speak to them
using a context that they understand.

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