Kernel developers' position on GPLv3

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Tue Sep 26 17:23:24 UTC 2006

   > I do not know if MJ is honest or not since I have never meet him,
   > I do know that he spreads much FUD about the GPL, GFDL, GPLv3
   > commenting process, etc here.  [...]

   You know no such thing.  I ask that you cease and desist from
   posting this type of personal attack on this list.

Since I have not posted any kind of personal attack towards you here,
there is nothing to "cease and desist".  You might want to think for a
couple of seconds before you posting an accusation like this, the same
applies to me though.

   I believe the FSF should not promote non-free-software licences
   like FDL, but I accept we will never all agree about that - it's a
   belief, not FUD.

This is clearly FUD, the GFDL is not a non-free software license, it
is not even a software license.  It is a free documentation license.
The FSF has never promoted a non-free software license, and will
(hopefully!) never do such a thing, implying that they do is spreading
FUD.  If you look at the four freedoms of software, they speak about
"program", a manual is clearly not a program by any long shot.

   The GPLv3 comment system is not anybrowser-accessible and that's
   not FUD either - it says as much on the site.

Claiming that it is in your opinion unusable because it requires a
specific set of tools to be used is on the other hand FUD.  There is
nothing wrong with requiring a set of tools to use something.

   Finally, I have never spread FUD about the GPL.  Much of my work is
   under GPL - I'd not spread FUD about a licence I use a lot.

I stand corrected on that point, thank you.


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