Kernel developers' position on GPLv3

Sam Liddicott sam at
Tue Sep 26 14:06:39 UTC 2006

* Alfred M. Szmidt wrote, On 26/09/06 13:34:
> You say that simply because you cannot use it how _you_ want, the
> whole system must be junked, you could simply install a webbrowser and
> use the system, or a PDF viewer, all of this is free software and not
> very hard to do.  PDF viewers and web browsers are the most basic
> tools these days.  
> Maybe if you paid the people who made the whole GPLv3 commenting
> infrastructure you might get what you want, but until then, they are
> going to work on something the majority of people can use easily, and
> they have done a wonderful job achiving that IMHO.

I also believe that most of those who have been able to participate have
been satisfied with the participation tools.


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