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Mon Sep 25 20:27:57 UTC 2006

On 25/09/06, Yavor Doganov <yavor at> wrote:
> Simon Morris wrote:
> >
> > "When we talk to the public about Free Software we should be careful
> > to put our points across carefully. Shoving a leaflet and a
> > GNU/Linux CD into an unsuspecting users hand and ranting about Free
> > Software in an aggressive way makes them think you are a nutcase"
> I agree with this and it has nothing to do with the accusation.  This
> is the reason why RMS and other great speakers begin their speeches
> with the basics instead of jumping to the conclusions.  I heard a lot
> of people "complaining" that RMS is like a robot, repeating one and
> the same thing over and over.  Well, if the general public would
> understand at least some part of what he says, he wouldn't be
> repeating it.  They call him an "extremist" and a "nutcase" instead.

It's a hard sell for a lot of people. Amazing that a concept as well
known as "Freedom" can be so hard for people to understand.

RMS is a good salesman :-)

> But subscribers to this list are not "unsuspecting users" that have no
> clue about Free Software, am I right?

I think that is a fair statement. I was explaining to Otto where he
had gone wrong in interpreting Shanes statement


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