Kernel developers' position on GPLv3

Yavor Doganov yavor at
Mon Sep 25 20:14:42 UTC 2006

Simon Morris wrote:
> "When we talk to the public about Free Software we should be careful
> to put our points across carefully. Shoving a leaflet and a
> GNU/Linux CD into an unsuspecting users hand and ranting about Free
> Software in an aggressive way makes them think you are a nutcase"

I agree with this and it has nothing to do with the accusation.  This
is the reason why RMS and other great speakers begin their speeches
with the basics instead of jumping to the conclusions.  I heard a lot
of people "complaining" that RMS is like a robot, repeating one and
the same thing over and over.  Well, if the general public would
understand at least some part of what he says, he wouldn't be
repeating it.  They call him an "extremist" and a "nutcase" instead.

But subscribers to this list are not "unsuspecting users" that have no
clue about Free Software, am I right?

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