Kernel developers' position on GPLv3

Simon Morris sm at
Mon Sep 25 19:43:05 UTC 2006

On 25/09/06, Ottavio Caruso <pr0f3ss0r1492 at> wrote:

> I invite the guy who said this at the Greater London
> User the 22nd of April to confirm that himself here.
> What he said was: "In the Free Software movement there
> are lot of nutcases". We were discussing Free Software
> Evangelism.

Oh, you are talking about Shanes talk at GLLUG? I wish you had been
more specific about your reference before.

I think you are mistaken. To paraphrase Shanes talk:

"When we talk to the public about Free Software we should be careful
to put our points across carefully. Shoving a leaflet and a GNU/Linux
CD into an unsuspecting users hand and ranting about Free Software in
an aggressive way makes them think you are a nutcase"

Those aren't his exact words but thats the intent of his message.

His talk was about perception and alternative ways to engage the
unaware public. To say he referred to members of the FSF as nutcases
is wholly inaccurate.

Hope to help.

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