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Hi guys

Given that everyone is taking about why Free Software (and our new
license) is a good idea...perhaps it's worth bringing up the fellowship
conference that is going to happen shortly in Italy!

As you may (or may not) know there is going to be a conference in Italy
in November that will provide an excellent opportunity for everyone in
the fellowship to sit down together and have a discussion.  There are so
many things to talk about.  Right off the top of my head:
(1) Positive advocacy and how do to it effectively
(2) Ways to increase the fellowship in each country
(3) Ways to help people feel more involved in the Free Software community

One thing that I think would be interesting is to sit down with everyone
and get a chance to know the faces behind the email address.  The are
people from all over Europe (and beyond) in the fellowship.  I'm sure we
have a great deal to say to each other.

My personal 'hobby horse' topic is advocacy.  Free Software is a great
idea and I think it's so important to tell people why this is so.
Through positive advocacy we can accomplish a great deal.  I think the
November conference will provide an excellent opportunity for us to
share ideas and to work out new ways to get our message across.

To find out more about the conference as a whole have a look at:

To read more about the fellowship bit:

To register have a look at:


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