Kernel developers' position on GPLv3

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Mon Sep 25 15:24:13 UTC 2006

   so you practice politics knowing nothing of politics, a
   quintessential mixture of assumption and arrogance...

I don't practise politics, period.

   > So you claim that all people who are old and mature grasp the
   > concept of freedom?  Then why are the same old and mature people
   > trying to diminish our rights?  For example, why did these old
   > and mature people fight _against_ the right for women to vote?
   > It was quite a controversial point not so many years ago, and
   > still is in some countries.

   So you definitely have a problem with older people!  I recall an
   old joke: "My parents hate me, so I crack websites".

How about answering the question?  You are (or claim to be) the old
and mature person here, so you could enlighten this little quip with
your wisdom instead of using profanity, ad hominem attacks, and what

   > Hopefully you can stop using profanity, and name calling in your
   > next reply.  As for your claims that the FSFE is calling the FSF
   > for nutcases, please quote references, not "witnesses".

   I invite the guy who said this at the Greater London User the 22nd
   of April to confirm that himself here.  What he said was: "In the
   Free Software movement there are lot of nutcases". We were
   discussing Free Software Evangelism.

You seem to have a very bad understanding what a movement is versus a
foundation.  Both the FSFE and the FSF are foundations, not movements.


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