Kernel developers' position on GPLv3

Ottavio Caruso pr0f3ss0r1492 at
Mon Sep 25 15:06:15 UTC 2006

--- "Alfred M. Szmidt" <ams at> wrote:
>    Higly offensive. I presume you have been part of
> any political
>    party that believes in democracy...
> I think you mean `have not been'


, and I try to stay
> away from
> political stuff.

so you practice politics knowing nothing of politics,
a quintessential mixture of assumption and
By the way I used to be in politics and I have nothing
to regret!

>    F**k! I'll print and frame it for science's sake!
>  This is the
>    stupidest statement I have heard in a million
> years!
> I'll try an ignore your profanity. 

Profanity? Probably 'foul language', yes, but
profanity sound like something religious to me...

> So you claim
> that all people who
> are old and mature grasp the concept of freedom? 
> Then why are the
> same old and mature people trying to diminish our
> rights?  For
> example, why did these old and mature people fight
> _against_ the right
> for women to vote?  It was quite a controversial
> point not so many
> years ago, and still is in some countries.

So you definitely have a problem with older people!
I recall an old joke: "My parents hate me, so I crack

> Hopefully you can stop using profanity, and name
> calling in your next
> reply.  As for your claims that the FSFE is calling
> the FSF for
> nutcases, please quote references, not "witnesses".

I invite the guy who said this at the Greater London
User the 22nd of April to confirm that himself here.
What he said was: "In the Free Software movement there
are lot of nutcases". We were discussing Free Software

Speaking of which, Alfred, after giving you credit for
what you at the Hurd and Arch, I think that your harsh
contributions and verbal slapping to honest people (I
still remember when you early labelled MJ Ray a
junkie!) are a pain in the neck to those who are
genuinely involved in spreading and sharing knowledge.

So I will follow the end of this thread, unsuscribe
from this list and wait for the day you will be old
and wise enough.

Ottavio Caruso
Please follow up to mailing list!

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