Kernel developers' position on GPLv3

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Sun Sep 24 13:28:27 UTC 2006

   >    But ideology really sucks!
   > ... is what people who do not care about freedom say.

   Higly offensive. I presume you have been part of any political
   party that believes in democracy...

I think you mean `have not been', and I try to stay away from
political stuff.

   > Just because you are old and mature enough, doesn't automatically
   > mean that you know what it means.

   F**k! I'll print and frame it for science's sake!  This is the
   stupidest statement I have heard in a million years!

I'll try an ignore your profanity.  So you claim that all people who
are old and mature grasp the concept of freedom?  Then why are the
same old and mature people trying to diminish our rights?  For
example, why did these old and mature people fight _against_ the right
for women to vote?  It was quite a controversial point not so many
years ago, and still is in some countries.

Hopefully you can stop using profanity, and name calling in your next
reply.  As for your claims that the FSFE is calling the FSF for
nutcases, please quote references, not "witnesses".

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