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Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Tue Sep 12 22:28:06 UTC 2006

   So, the Free *Software* Foundation should not be promoting it, if
   it has nothing to do with software or free software.  I don't much
   mind which way you want to argue it, but the FSF should not promote
   the FDL.

Then the FSF* should not have anything to do with DRM and TC (both are
hardware related).  You are awfully silly in your reasoning.

   I also disagree that it is a free documentation licence.
   Documentation with unnecessary uneditable adverts/propaganda which
   cannot be removed are not free in most senses,

The documentation doesn't have such uneditable sections.  Only
secondary sections can be under the invariant clause.

   and an immoral waste of paper when printed.

So are copyright notices when printing source code.

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