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Tue Sep 12 22:41:17 UTC 2006

Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:
> MJ Ray <mjr at ...> writes:
> > it would be nice to see where the EUR120/year's going to go...
> With my time [...]

Sorry, it wasn't meant to be an anecdote request.  I guess I should have 
written "there's no clear way of tracking the money from the fellowship 

> FSFE's funds are more transperant than most NGOs:

Are you sure?  Most associations I'm involved with present their 
accounts in their annual report, so I'm surprised that 2005 is still 
unavailable.  Maybe that says more about how important clear accounting 
is to me than most NGOs, though.

FSFE does have more information more readily available than many, 
though.  Would the 2005 and 2006 accounts be available on request? (if 
the FSFE accounts are published to April, like many)

> [...] If you see low hanging fruit, make a suggestion.f

Link and the coming 
year's budget from the money request page.

> > 1. No support for FSF*'s non-free-software actions (FDL and so on)
> Personally, I'm also not a fan of the GFDL, but I think it's
> disproportionate to black ball FSFE's work because of this.

So we disagree.  FDL is an increasing pain in the backside for my work.  
It hurts my bottom line, as it were.

> RMS said a year and a half ago that GFDL would be updated. [...]
> Eben Moglen says that a draft of the next version of the GFDL is almost
> ready [...]

When it changes, then things change.  Not before.  I've made that 
mistake in the past.  FSF does nothing to do with FDL on time.  As it's 
not really much to do with free software, that's understandable.

> > 2. No personal data for sites without a privacy policy or P3P support.
> Hmm, seems like an easily correctable oversight.  I've raised it now:

Let us know what happens.  It seemed a bit odd for a group aimed at "the 
spearhead of those who are aware of issues of privacy, security and 
digital self-determination" not to have anything like ol' Auntie Beeb's

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